A Heart Point



This part is possibly the most exciting part for me and a strong heart point. I believe that human beings have been placed here to share, conserve and take care of each other and this amazingly beautiful planet.

I have been quite restless about this topic for many years and it has remained a long time dream to be more involved in charitable initiatives in South Africa. The question always having been how I was going to be able to do this.

I recently, and thankfully, had a light bulb moment and finally thought of a way that I could use as a tool to be able to add value to any causes or organisations that may need help or benefit from this plan, whether financially or through the provision of goods needed.

So, it is for this reason that YcArt Gallery's first step with this idea will be to donate 10% of all sales to a chosen charity or initiative. Therefore, anyone purchasing any of these fine art photographic prints can be guaranteed that a percentage of what is sold on YcArt Gallery's e-commerce store will be adding value to a non-profit organisation in our country that will be in need of our help. 

I am currently looking into collaborating with some initiatives but will definitely appreciate, and strongly look into any recommendations from anyone reading this. Please feel free to email me with details of any non-profit organisations or initiatives that are close to your heart.

I look forward to sharing and hopefully adding our contribution towards making this world a better place.

Excited to create the opportunity to spread the love wherever I can one baby step at a time.