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Tracy Scheepers

I believe that going through hard times, heartbreak, disappointment, fear and just plain old bad days is a huge part of being human, and that sometimes all we need is to look at life a little differently or from an entirely different angle. 
At some point in my life my photography career strongly veered towards macro photography which stemmed from some of those feelings, and I found myself crawling around in the garden, or wherever I could, getting my clothes covered in dirt and my hair covered in leaves, just to try and find a tiny ounce of healing, hope and beauty. It worked most of the time and became a curious distraction.
Now it's about finding the beautiful things we sometimes miss, capturing it and sharing it with the world, and hopefully, even if just for a fleeting moment, it will bring a little joy to the viewer and remind everyone that there still is hope, love and an abundance of beauty in this world. 
One of my greatest aims with this new endeavour is to try make a difference and generate an abundance of love for this beautiful planet we are so privileged to live upon, while at the same time being able to pursue the things I have been passionate about for a large period of my life. 
I am a fine art and still life photographer who is madly passionate about life, love, keeping it real and our beautiful earth and I am thrilled to be able to share the world through my eyes with you.